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showtime: Sarah & Jonald’s Wedding


I had the absolute honor & privilege of being Sarah’s makeup artist for her and her stunning bridesmaids on the most special day of her life. The day was nothing but fun, love all around, great times and good ‘mana’. =)

Mahalo Sarah, for the confidence you had in me, and for giving me this opportunity! You are SO beautiful! Congrats to you and Jonald <3

Photography by: Studio 2000

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showtime: Nga

nga-1 nga-3

Beautiful natural beauty Nga is my friend Thanh’s older sister whom I met the day she came for her trial.
Lucky for me, Thanh convinced her sister that I would be what she was looking for in a makeup artist for her wedding.

Nga was very confident in the look that she wanted for her wedding. She handed me a photo of a face with extremely natural, and subtle nude makeup.
Sure, not a problem.

I did exactly as the photo showed me. When I gave her the mirror, her reaction wasn’t what I initially thought. First, she wasn’t used to her face having that much makeup on. Second, she realized that the photo she chose wasn’t really for her. After judging the look of her glamorous style wedding dress, we all agreed that more dramatic lashes and a full berry lip would do the trick. She looked in the mirror again, and she fell in love, as she should have to begin with. =)

…And Thanh was right. Nga was convinced and signed me up! I can’t wait to be a part of your special day!



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showtime: Jaizel


Oh, sweet Jaizel, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!
She’s the perfect sugary cookie packed with sweetness and lots of sprinkles. She is also the little sister I never had. To me, she’s Baby girl.
Years ago, she would always be the first in line to ask me for help with her makeup during dance recitals and shows.
I always wondered why this cute little thing was always asking me for help, but nonetheless I had fun putting on her makeup, and she had fun letting me. She had so much fun, and loved it so much, the next day she told me she slept with the full face of makeup I put on for her, and never wanted to wash her face again.
Well I must have done something right.

Here’s one of many times Jaizel has shown up at my door. I gave her a sultry makeup look and side swept curls to complement her sexy black dress for a wedding as a guest. Cute + sexy? Dang. I’m pretty sure Angelo wasn’t looking at his dinner. ;)

And to this day, Jaizel is still the first in line with me at shows and recitals, and will literally karate chop your face and body slam you if you dare to bud in front of her. She’s at my door often too (haha). I don’t know how to make her more beautiful than she already is. She is one of the most kindest, loyal people you’ll ever meet. She’ll be there to always listen and give unlimited hugs, and she’ll be there to laugh until she cries and pees her pants.
I love my little sister.

Thank you Baby girl for giving me that confidence and trusting my hands with your face. Love you pau. (Tell T to leave the room so I can put your eyeliner on).

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showtime: Sarah

sarah-f3 sarah-f4sarah-f2

Sarah, a.k.a Sarahrella, is such a gorgeous, natural beauty with such amazing features (um hi, luscious lips to die for?) and a heart to match! She needs absolute no makeup and rarely wears it. I had so much fun giving her a nice warm, flawless, daytime look for her bridal shower, pumping up all her amazingness. I also did her hair, giving her sexy volumizing waves to compliment her makeup.

Sarah and I first met at a Hawaiian dance school. Her sweet, caring and friendly personality easily lead us to become great friends. She is actually the reason why I finally decided to take the leap and turn my makeup hobby official. After years of having lots of fun putting makeup on my fellow dancers for shows, recitals and parties, Sarah had a very important question for me during her engagement. She asked me to do makeup for her, and her entire bridal party for her upcoming wedding, and wasn’t interested in asking anyone else. Naturally, I reacted by freezing up into a statue, looking straight at her like a deer in the headlights like she was nuts. Immediately, I declined. I admitted that I was not up to par with other MUA’s or as experienced. I felt inadequate and unqualified to do such a job without an official makeup certification. Her immediate answer?
“I don’t care.”

I did, however, and signed up for beauty school at once.
Well Sarahrella, I thank you a million for that final push, and the all the confidence you had in me. Love you pau, sista. <3

Gorgeous Sarah & her beautiful bridal party post to come soon. Stay tuned.






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