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Pai Pai summer. It’s been a blast!

THIS SKIRT. The end of me. Had to get it in white too. No word of a lie, you can wear it with almost everything, I swears. I love the abstract shape of it, it gives added dimension to your looks!
Did you have Limsanity last weekend? I sure did! Can’t wait to show you what I grabbed at Phillip Lim for Tarjey, and put some spiffy outfits together!
Thank you Phillip Lim for making lines that I don’t have to spend my life savings on! And thank you Lord for having the best luck that day. And thank you secret wedges for making me taller!

top: gap
skirt: zara
sneakers: nike
jacket: wilfred
purse: rebbecca minkoff
necklace: karla deras for roman luxe

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WHAT? I looked the other way for just a few minutes. I turn back and summer is done. DONE.
Oh wait. It’s coming back for a few days. What the hell, weather. Stop toying with dem.

I’ve been very inspired by NYFW this week, and very sad at the fact I’ll probably never get to go. Not to fret! I’m bringing this inspiration to these quiet suburban streets and….the office. Hooray.
Mixing prints and textures and un-like things together (a.k.a clashing!) is my favourite way to pair outfits, and you would be surprised at how you would re-discover your closet if you weren’t so hung up on being so matchy-matchy!
I was aiming for something avant-garde with this look – but it came across as more a grungy ballerina, which I will totally accept. I had a lot of fun with this look, the plaid shirt toughens it up. Just the right amount of balance between edgy and pretty.

Statement necklaces, you are the bomb dig on any friggen outfit. I love you.

shirt: zara
skirt: h&m
shoes: zara
necklace: zara

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Having just one piece of neon really makes any outfit snap, crackle, POP!
I am all about that relaxed look life. Thank the Lord for boyfriend jeans, a.k.a buffet jeans. Isn’t it funny how sexy these loose-ass jeans look with a pair of heels? Or is it just me? Love it.
Who needs a boyfriend when you got a great pair of boyfriend jeans that you can dress up for a night out, or dress down to run some sweaty, dirty errands in? Certainly not I ;). They’ve become an essential staple in my closet, and they go with anything, I swear! If you don’t believe, me I’ll try and post more looks with my bf jeans, which I snagged from Zara. I just love them so much.
Wore this to a drink date with my lovely songbird Laa, who was also the beautiful face behind the lens for my photos.

I was at the Taste of the Danforth this weekend and it always blows my mind when I see ladies rocking high heels at mega maximum walking events. Do you ever wonder that? How do ya’ll do it? Even at theme parks or carnivals I see it. I can’t even survive a wedding reception without bringing a pair of flats with me. You ladies got some cray feet…or..I got some cray feet.

Also, this post is dedicated to my one and only, De La Renta. Yes. I’m talking to you, Shortstack. <3

top: h&m
necklace: forever21
jeans: zara
shoes: zara

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Dear weather,

Please cooperate with my wardrobe.

Love, Klickclash

With all this wacky wonkiness weather going on this summer, I guess it’s kinda fun to experiment with your closet when it’s no warning flash flooding rain or bitterly cool winds (psyche).  So when in doubt with mother nature, layer. I know you don’t wanna carry your ish around, but you’ll thank me when your boom boom be shivering and cold in them batty riders.

Also, I’ve noticed how much more “boyish” I’ve become in the past few months, and I’m loving it. Over-sized sweaters,  jackets and pants, sneaker obsessed and ball caps & toques. A phase perhaps? We’ll see! 😉 If only I could come to work like that!
This military jacket from Aritzia is definitely becoming staple in my closet….so is this bad gyal shirt from Dime Piece LA! A lil’ somethin’ somethin’ for my independent ladies out there!


tank: dimepiecela
jacket: aritzia
shoes: new balance
denim: levi’s

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