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….Dope-a-licious are these Current Elliott polka dot pants I copped from Aritzia! I can’t get over how cute they are.
Paired them up with a nice light basic sweater, perfect for those cool summer nights. I felt like a walking baby shower. Hahahahahah.
There’s just something about baby pastel colours that make you look oh so freesshh!

Btw, that springy balance thing in the park is bouncy BRUTES! Makes your legs feel like jello and for some reason, it makes you laugh. Truth!

Got to catch the Dark Night flick this weekend. I won’t spoil it for ya. Three words: Joseph. Gordon. Levitt.

denim: current elliott | top: tna | flats: from manila | earrings: h&m

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In the beginning…

So this is how all the styling mayhem started….

Once upon a time, several people asked me what the hell was I doing working the job I work (I’ll give you a hint – it’s technical). The subject of fashion always came up. I thought, since I have a technical diploma and degree, why not go to school and learn more about fashion, and the reasons why it was brought to my attention?

I found myself signing up for a fashion course in 2007, which then led to pursuing a Fashion Coordination and Styling certificate (which I am currently still completing). The final project was to pretend to be your dream job in the fashion industry and come up with a theme and execution. I was also told to put in whatever I wanted to get out of it. So I went all out.

I came up with the idea that I would be the Fashion Styling Editor for Flare ,and my theme would represent Toronto’s diversity in culture and beauty in the issue’s fashion spreads. I rounded up some beautiful girlfriends of mine and put them in pieces from my own closet – repping Asia, Europe, The Caribbean and India. Along with my sexy, talented photographer friend, Vicks (who is fully killing the photog scene – visit her at www.darrylandvicky.com). We managed to pull all of this together in a day.

aaaaaannnd voila! my first project.

Below is a collection of my favourite behind the scenes and finished photos.

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