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L.A. Times


1. Newark Airport, NY

2. Palms by the Americana

3. CHEEZ-IT heaven

4. L.A palms – my fave

5. Oh dear…

6. In-n-Out Burger!

7. Crusin’ on Melrose

8. King Taco

9. Me and my beautiful cousins

10. 3.1 Phillip Lim from Wasteland

11. In loving memory…

12. Godofredo Antonio – November 8, 1943 – April 14th, 2012 – Rest in Peace

….and if you haven’t been to Porto’s bakery – you’re in for a crackalackin’ time. This place is straight up bangin’ 24/7! I went through 3 stops just to get a coffee. What WHAT!?


Make time for all your loved ones. Life is so precious, and so short…
So much love to la familia, the “A” team.

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