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White Collar



Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
Sweaters and collars – my new favourite combo. It gives you that clean, polished, preppy look mixed with a teeny weeny bit of edge…the perfect clash! Messing with layers, different lengths, textures, and my ultimate favourite “arm swag” (aka “arm party”) gives you endless options to your look! And earth tones….can never go wrong there.
Simple, comfy and cool (keeps you warm in the evenings, too!).

sweater: zara | shirt: wasteland | ankle boots: pacific mall | purse: h&m

Ladies! Don’t forget to cover that ass when you wear leggings! If you need a refresher here’s my take on Leggings vs. Pants


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Jacket Dress

IMG_0730_4 IMG_0732 IMG_0736_2 IMG_0741_2 IMG_0752_3 IMG_0773_2

Jacket: H&M
Boots: Blondo
Purse: Pacific Mall

FINALLY! An outfit post. This is one my favorite jackets. I like to call it, my “jacket dress.” I’ve had it for years and rocking it means warmer weather! Weeeeeeeee!

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