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grainin’ on that wood

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Grainin’ on that wood. Gra-grainin’ on that wood.
More like SNOWboard.
How about that snow huh?

Anyway. Who says you can’t wear short skirts in the winter (or at work)? Black opaque tights my friends. OPAQUE is the word of the day. Opaque can keep you from lookin’ like one big ratchet hoe. Opaque keeps things sexy + classy at the same time. Opaque, makes shorts and skirts acceptable in the work place. Opaque, is your winter friend.
This number is my favourite to wear to work, and really brightens up those dull winter snow days. A little bit of layering (with black OPAQUE tights) goes a long way.

Stay warm cool cats!

long sleeve: Joe Fresh
skirt: H&M
tights: H&M (opacity 100%) bahah
wedges: Michael Kors
infinity scarf: H&M
purse: LV

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street spirit.

Hi all! Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Here’s my first installment of my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target haul. I’ve checked out twitter and I’m loving all the combos I’m seeing. Everyone’s doing great on pairings! That BOOM! sweater gets so much play, I never get tired of seeing it….maybe because it looked horrible on me and I ended up leaving it behind 🙁
So here’s mine. I just love the chunky knit sweater I scooped up with the jeweled detailing on the one side. I copped it in a medium for some saggy loose bags action. I love my tops over sized, (most of the time) so much I forget what I look like under there.
This zipper crossbody tho!!! Perfection and class. Love it.
Stay tuned for more 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target haul action packs!

sweater:  3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
skirt: Zara
tight: Uniqlo
boots: Rag & Bone
purse: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

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WHAT? I looked the other way for just a few minutes. I turn back and summer is done. DONE.
Oh wait. It’s coming back for a few days. What the hell, weather. Stop toying with dem.

I’ve been very inspired by NYFW this week, and very sad at the fact I’ll probably never get to go. Not to fret! I’m bringing this inspiration to these quiet suburban streets and….the office. Hooray.
Mixing prints and textures and un-like things together (a.k.a clashing!) is my favourite way to pair outfits, and you would be surprised at how you would re-discover your closet if you weren’t so hung up on being so matchy-matchy!
I was aiming for something avant-garde with this look – but it came across as more a grungy ballerina, which I will totally accept. I had a lot of fun with this look, the plaid shirt toughens it up. Just the right amount of balance between edgy and pretty.

Statement necklaces, you are the bomb dig on any friggen outfit. I love you.

shirt: zara
skirt: h&m
shoes: zara
necklace: zara

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class act.

White jeans. Who would’ve thought they would come back in full effect? Don’t matta. I’m embracing the hell out of them. Nothing says summer like some freshly pressed white skinnies!!!
I love LOVE this look. A timeless, classic look inspired by none other than my stylish parents. They always got that clean, sharp, preppy, country club, “Ralph Lauren” steeze that just never goes out of style.
Like I’ve said a million times, balance is key! I love pairing over-sized tops with fitted bottoms. perfect for the office, or some afternoon high-tea. Whatever it is, damn you lookin crispy fresh!
Simplicity conquers all! Hip-hip! Hooray!

shirt: ralph lauren
jeans: rag & bone
shoes: zara

photos by my beautiful laa.

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