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If I had a million dollars, I would have a closet FULL of Mackage jackets. I absolutely love all their coats. They are built with the highest of quality, class, intricate but not overwhelming details (just the right amount), and they are 100% Canadian made! They make any female silhouette look sexy, sleek and sharp. Finally, we can avoid looking like Bonhomme or the Michelin man with those large puffy jackets, or freeze to death in super thin Baby Phat bombers.
My favourite thing about a Mackage coat is the accent on the collar…..No, not “poppin’ yo collar on yo golf shirt” collar. Each coat has its own specific collar to match, making it look even more BAD-ASS. It’s well worth the price, and most of their styles are ‘timeless’. My favourite word in the world of fashion.

coat: mackage | scarf: h&m | shoes: michael kors

photos by: Baby D (he makes his own clothes ;))

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Tam Tam Harem

I got to check out Tam Tam festivities in Mont Royal Park, Montreal.

Three words: Live. Loud. Colour
Ok maybe more than that, but that park was vibin’ for a Sunday afternoon.
I wish I had cash on me at the time, there were tons of vendors selling beautiful handmade accessories, feathers galore!

Can I tell you how much I LOVE harem pants, and how comfy they are? I picked these babies up in a little street market in my one of my favorite cities in Italy…Sorrento! *sigh
Finding the right ones are tricky. I didn’t even try these ones one when I bought them. It’s a bloody miracle they are a perfect fit! I hope you find them too! These can be worn high waisted or folded down to regular waist. I love it!
IMG_1717 IMG_1727 IMG_1730 IMG_1744 IMG_1757 IMG_1759 IMG_1805

top: aritzia | harem pants: market | shoes: urban outfitters | accessories: h&m, anne sportun

photos by: ha

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Romantique & Pink

Got to enjoy the Victoria Day long weekend in good ‘ol Montreal with some good company.
This city never fails!

chasing brides in old Montreal. haha

top: forever 21 | shorts: zara | shoes: urban outfitters | purse: kelly moore SLR bag
photos by: trigga D

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