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grainin’ on that wood

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Grainin’ on that wood. Gra-grainin’ on that wood.
More like SNOWboard.
How about that snow huh?

Anyway. Who says you can’t wear short skirts in the winter (or at work)? Black opaque tights my friends. OPAQUE is the word of the day. Opaque can keep you from lookin’ like one big ratchet hoe. Opaque keeps things sexy + classy at the same time. Opaque, makes shorts and skirts acceptable in the work place. Opaque, is your winter friend.
This number is my favourite to wear to work, and really brightens up those dull winter snow days. A little bit of layering (with black OPAQUE tights) goes a long way.

Stay warm cool cats!

long sleeve: Joe Fresh
skirt: H&M
tights: H&M (opacity 100%) bahah
wedges: Michael Kors
infinity scarf: H&M
purse: LV

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Hi peepsters!

Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend, chalk full of cheat meals and then twerking it off.
I’m happy the weather held up, even though I had to put on a snowsuit in the evenings….but I’ll take it.

Again, my favourite summer combo. Beautiful flowly blouses paired with fitted or destroyed denims. Love how they compliment each other.
Got this gorgeous silk blouse from a gem of a store called Intimissimi in breathtaking Italy. *sigh* how I wish I could just snap my fingers and transport back to the vineyards, gelato, and the relaxing “no fuss” atmosphere.
Intimissimi is only available in Europe, and no shipping to North America…yet. Although it is nice to bring back some beautiful pieces that can’t be found here. Remember how Forever 21 used to be such a treat when crossing the border, and you would buy everything in sight like the world was gonna end, excited and thinking “no one is gonna have thissssss”? Now it ain’t no thang. It’s accessible EVERYWHERE.
Their focus is lingerie, but also have a small line of apparel. Let me tell you, they do not disappoint in both. I’m in love with everything they sell. I almost bought out the entire store during my stay in Italy. It’s all I needed really, in terms of shopping. Absolutely beautiful stuff. Extremely comfortable and beautiful fabrics, excellent quality, sexy and stunning! I’m sure all women would feel the same in their clothes and undies. Make sure to check it out if you ever hit up anywhere in Europe or you’ll regret it like HAYALE!

top: intimissimi
shorts: joe fresh
shoes: forever21

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summer citrus.

Summer is going by way too fast and I feel like I haven’t even touched my summer wardrobe. Obviously that means I need to escape and vacation somewhere hot for a few weeks and extend my summer. 😉

I love bright and bold colours and patterns all mixed together during this season….makes you feel all extra warm and sunny. One of my favourite combos is skirts/shorts paired with loose fitting or flowy tops that gives the perfect balance (I think, at least). 🙂

Here’s what I wore to a bridal shower for a dear friend of mine. Extremely excited about her upcoming wedding in the fall!

I’m hoping to expand a little bit here so you’ll come back more often, stay tuned for the next couple of weeks!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer! Keep looking fraaaaasssh!

top: moon
shorts: joe fresh
heels: h&m
necklace: forever21
purse: louis vuitton



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I’ve been busy up the ying being a student again for a short period of time. In my attempt to focus, I’ve been temporarily kinda disconnected from the social media world. I’ve decided to take some time off to conquer a new challenge: beauty school. There I said it.
Let me tell you, it is not as easy as I thought. Fun, yes. Fun as hell. But BOYEEEEE, you need damn serious skillzzz to paint someone’s face proper. Hello geometry, I haven’t missed you one bit. You have come back to haunt my bubble butt.
It’s refreshing to take part in a brand new environment, re-learning things you thought were right and/or acceptable (in terms of makeup application). It’s sorta like someone telling you you’ve been brushing your teeth wrong your whole life, and you have to change and adapt to another way. Sure, it can be frustrating, but it’s what you make of it and what you put into it, yeah? YES!
What’s most interesting to me, is that I’m not in front of a friggen computer all damn day or connected to my smart phone.  Such a nice change, and I’m really enjoying that aspect…..although, I do miss online shopping and ting.
Welp. Let’s see where this takes me. Stay tuned! I could be painting some face right HERE! 😉
Oh, how I miss being a student again! Respect to all dem makeup artistes’ out thurr. You guys & gals are OG creative hustlers.

ps. I <3 mesh
pps. bring a jacket with you at all times for this stupid weather

top: joe fresh | pants: h&m | heels: zara | necklace: holt renfrew | shades: ralph lauren

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