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Hellloooo? Is this thing on?

It’s been forever and a day since my last outfit post. Thought I would shake things up again and go back to outfit basics.

Like really basic.

Um. Is anyone else sick of this cold weather? There’s been so much snow that this outfit looks like it. I love cozy sweaters, but I’m so ready for some cute skirts, dresses and open toe shoes!

Well, in the meantime. Cozy sweaters it is. Here’s minimalism at its finest, along with my fresh new haircut! Less is more! Sometimes I forget the beauty and timelessness of simplicity and basics. Lately I’ve been into earth tones and more black in my wardrobe, sometimes with a hint of sparkle or pattern. Mixing like-tones isn’t wrong, especially when they look cripsy (yes CRIPSY) fresh like whites, and off whites! You just can’t go wrong! Ever!

Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Rag & Bone
Boots: Rag & Bone
Earrings: Bauble Bar


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showtime: Mabel

mabel-10 mabel-6  Mabel 3agemabel-2

Geez. I had WAY too much fun with this sweetie pie!
Meet Mabel. She’s fun, spunky, daring, and did I mention gorge?
Mabel trusted me to do pretty much whatever I wanted, so I went with a sultry sexy smoky eye for her engagement photoshoot, complete with drama-for-your-mama lashes (Mabel’s natural lashes are already astonishing). The look definitely suits her lively personality!
She also informed me of her peeve of very oily skin, which causes her makeup to slide easy with minimal lasting power. For Mabel’s oily skin, I used BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector™ before applying foundation and I kid you not, even Mabel was surprised her face remained freshly matte all day long!

My Valentine’s day is already booked and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I just cannot WAIT to get you and your girls dolled up on your special day!

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pro fresh.

profresh-5profresh-8profresh-4profresh-1        profresh-12profresh-2

Brrrr… hai all!
Love turning my summer gear into winter pieces. You can layer any skirt with opaque tights and come up with all kinds of looks to bear the cold.
Some of my 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target pieces I haven’t shown you yet. So in love with this patterned blouse. It brightens any solid and gives so much depth. And this tote tho! You can fit a picnic in it!
This Wilfred crepe blazer from Aritzia, it’s a part of me. One of the best layering pieces I have. Throw it on anything and I guarantee, it’ll go with it. What a homie. 😉
Black booties are a must! These wedge beauties are from Sam Edelman, chic and comfortable. My kind of style!

A fashionable, sophisticated professional look for the office!

top and tote: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
skirt: Zara
blaze: Wilfred
booties: Sam Edelman

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beautimous maximus.

Wow! Well geez. I had one action packed weekend chalk full of only the best in makeup and hair. I spent it with none other than my bff Papertalk, my sole influence of all things girly back when I used to be a mega monster tomboy.

First was the IMATS show (International Make-up Artist Trade Show), quite fitting since both Papertalk and I are both certified makeup artists. We were like kids in a candy store and I had to keep myself from spending my life savings.

My winners of the day!

  • Minked Lashes – their official launch was on that weekend. At first I thought they were just any other false lash brand since I’ve pretty much seen them all. Nonsense. These lashes are just DIVINE and they had an excellent show special offer that was just too good to refuse. You can choose from either mink fur lashes or horse hair, either are exquisite quality. They are lightweight and give the perfect amount of drama for the night out, and NOT drama queen action. They had lash specialists size and place lashes on you if you made a purchase with them. A fantastic offer, I was impressed. Papertalk and I bought a pair of lashes in Arabella and they are just to die for! My free pair of lashes were a more natural look called Adelle that was tame enough for daytime with just enough flirt and flare.
  • Ben Nye Luxury Powder – Normally known for theatrical and stage makeup, Ben Nye has a luxurious loose powder that Kim Kardashian swears by, and it’s true this stuff is magic. We were lucky enough to snag some bottles just before it sold out! It’s perfect for highlighting and keeps your face beautifully matte.
  • Ben Nye Final Seal – Good Lord. This is the holy grail all you oily skin peeps! The best setting spray to keep your makeup matte as hell. Can you tell I’m all about the matte?
  • Real Techniques Makeup brushes – Holy batman, some of the best brushes I have ever used! Also lucky to snag before the sell out. They are the softest things you will ever apply makeup with! Sigma, where you at?
  • Lioele – If you don’t know, now you know. This Korean line of cosmetics ain’t playing around. I would trust all their amazing products. BB Cream and gel eyeliner are the absolute best in my books.
  • Other faves:
    • Our particular favourite “bargain bins” where just a crap load of stuff is dumped into bins and tables and ladies of all ages go bananas for deals. Names like ELF cosmetics, Sigma, and Real Techniques were found in the bunch, and it was every woman/man for themselves. Warning: Training in martial arts or contact sports is a must before approaching bargain bins if you want to get anything good. Good stuff goes pretty darn fast.
    • Cheap brushes – you’ll find a number of brush companies with these gigantic booths filled with so many brushes you didn’t even know existed and it actually made me feel overwhelmed. I swear there could’ve been a brush for your nostrils in there. Super affordable. Quality? Meh. It’ll do the job. The price is totally right.



  • NARS – Grrrrrrrrrrrr #noshowspecials #everythingwasregularprice #whydidyoucomehere
  • Sigma – Was nowhere to be found and I swear I saw them on the map (could’ve been my own stupidity, I was still disappointed)

Conclusion? Going to IMATS was totally worth it. I got to discover great makeup brands at a fraction of high brand prices, and give new makeup brands a chance at my face! There were way more winners than disappointments, so I will definitely go again next year!

Getting lashes sized just for me at Minked Lashes booth! These are now my absolute favourite lashes ever!
Uh. Getting his package worked on.
Amazing work at the Makeup Forever booth. Girlfriend just stole my soul.


What’s makeup with your hurr did?

The very next day, Papertalk and I got to attend the 2013 Contessa awards, showcasing the very best in hair all across Canada!
The lavish gala was filled with such talented, artistic and stylish people! I couldn’t handle it, it was people watching at its best. I stood there frozen most of the time, too shy to take strangers’ photographs. Admiring dresses, accessories and of course, hairstyles!
We got to enjoy a delicious dinner, a spectacular circus show in between award segments, and appreciate the decor, and of course…what’s a gala without SWAG. Yes we like that.
For a full recap of the evening and to view the winner’s list, click here.

contessa-7contessa-4contessa-6contessa-11Back to black! You can never go wrong with classic and sultry black! I decided on this dress last minute to balance out my one heck of a hair-do. I am wearing an Intimissimi dress and Jeffery Campbell shoes. My ultra rad hair-do was done by my amazing and talented friend Adafih Padmore! Papertalk is wearing a dress from Forever 21 and shoes by Enzo Angiolini.
Thank you KH! <3

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