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BFF & J – E session!

I’ve known my BFF, Meesh since high school. Her love story with her fiancé, J is THE best story I have ever heard. When they got back together while I was in the Philippines, I screamed so loud that all of Manila must’ve heard me. When I saw J for the first time since they reunited, I gave him a long jump straddle-hug. When they got engaged, I blew out their speaker phone and I’m sure I cracked the car window from my piercing yell. When they asked me to be the Maid of Honor, I was speechless, most honored and ecstatic to fill such a role (even though we made this promise to each other while hanging out eating ice cream over the rails of STC as teenagers).

When Meesh asked me to style their engagement shoot…..I peed my pants.

I hesitated like hell. Meesh is so unique, and she is one of the main reasons why I love fashion so much. I look up to her in so many ways and always admired her edgy, bold style.  I couldn’t believe she asked me to style this, because honestly I thought she could do so much of a better job than me. I learned a lot from her in terms of fashion (and life – although I’m not sure she knows this. haha).  For example, I always wanted a mohawk, was too chicken and she had the balls to do it first, which then gave me the confidence to do it. HAHA.

But Meesh doesn’t mess around, she wanted me to do this and I had to try my hardest to impress her! This was a REAL test! I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous to style a shoot!

So after several size returns, 3 postponed shoot bookings and my knees shaking after I asked them if they liked what I picked. Here’s what they ended up with…

Nothing but beautiful, breathtaking, fairytale photographs, for a one-of-a-kind true fairytale love story :)WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
So I did put a dash of Blair and Chuck flare in there. Did you notice?

Meesh is wearing a dress from Forever 21 – Twelve by Twelve line; accessories from Aldo
J’s entire outfit is from Zara

Congrats again, I’m counting down the days! I love you guys!
Now if you’ll excuse me, this MOH’s got work to do!

Stunning photographs courtesy of Tara McMullen

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Jen & James

When Vicky first kicked off her business as a photographer, she asked me to style a couple for one of her upcoming engagement photo shoots back in October 2008


I’ve seen other engagement photos, and most of the time I’m not a fan of the mismatched or too-matchy getups (enough with the white/black top and blue jeans man!). Again, never having styled a couple for such a special occasion that they could look back on and for the world to see, I had to make them look good. Hi! Nervous! A new challenge for me to take on! I had to be careful and not go nuts on crazy fashawwwn ideas.

Jen & James were so lovely, and thankfully they loved the outfits I got! Jen is wearing a dress from Nine West, knee highs from Aldo and wool jacket from H&M. James is wearing a sweater from the Gap, jacket from Zara (which he later bought off me) and hat and scarf from H&M.

We had such a bomb ass time frolicking in the forest.

Stunning pictures and a stylish couple =)
Congrats Jen & James they are now married!




Photos from Darryl and Vicky

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