In the beginning…

So this is how all the styling mayhem started….

Once upon a time, several people asked me what the hell was I doing working the job I work (I’ll give you a hint – it’s technical). The subject of fashion always came up. I thought, since I have a technical diploma and degree, why not go to school and learn more about fashion, and the reasons why it was brought to my attention?

I found myself signing up for a fashion course in 2007, which then led to pursuing a Fashion Coordination and Styling certificate (which I am currently still completing). The final project was to pretend to be your dream job in the fashion industry and come up with a theme and execution. I was also told to put in whatever I wanted to get out of it. So I went all out.

I came up with the idea that I would be the Fashion Styling Editor for Flare ,and my theme would represent Toronto’s diversity in culture and beauty in the issue’s fashion spreads. I rounded up some beautiful girlfriends of mine and put them in pieces from my own closet – repping Asia, Europe, The Caribbean and India. Along with my sexy, talented photographer friend, Vicks (who is fully killing the photog scene – visit her at We managed to pull all of this together in a day.

aaaaaannnd voila! my first project.

Below is a collection of my favourite behind the scenes and finished photos.

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ALLO Urrbady!!!

Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading my blog about fashion (or what I like to call – fashawwwn), makeup, music, love, life and whatever I’m feeling that unfortunately, you must read.

PLUS I’ll be keeping track of all my styling projects to share with ya’ll!

Cue intro music!

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