showtime: Before & After | wedding trial with Andrea


Happy New Year! I am super duper excite for my first wedding of 2016 with THIS beautiful blonde bombshell next week! Andrea’s got balls and wasn’t afraid to go bold and sexy with her bridal look – and not afraid to trust in me completely =P

Andrea’s has the most gorgeous eyes, and I just had to make that the focus of her look. What a beauty!

Doing makeup has been nothing but a blessing. I get to meet and connect with so many beautiful women. Friendships sometimes blossom naturally, and there are other times I reconnect with friends from the past, like Andrea. She’s fearless, confident, takes-no-shit, thoughtful, loyal and so, so, so sweet. And sexxyyyyy heeeellooooooOO!?!

We first met at our part-time jobs as teens and we had a great time bonding, growing up, and getting into trouble. What a feeling it is to re-connect with this gem! I am nothing but honoured and touched to help her prep for her big day. Even though we don’t see each other often, you’re always close to my heart.

Love you girl!
NEXT WEEK! Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!


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