Rhyme N Wine

Speaking of best boys ever, how could I ever say “no” to a collabo?

Marc, Shey & Shaun, (whom I met by kinda fluke and have become some of the most greatest & loyal friends ever) throw some of the best jams in the TDOT (best known for Hip Hop Love). I was more than grateful to help them out when they asked me to style their next flyer – Rhyme N’ Wine. A jam to combine the love of urban music with soca and calypso. Dope concept.

With little time to shop and come up with outfits catering to their theme and hitting up a serious Halloween party the night before (shit show massive), there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for these guys. Thanks for the restore Vitamin water Marc, that shit is MAGIC!

Nonetheless, we had a wicked ass time.
Our model and friend, the beautiful Shonelle – fully came in and killed it! YOU SEXY GYAL YOU!

Amazing team.


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  1. fallingshaun January 30, 2010 at 2:05 am #

    Nice Joaner :)
    Good reads :)

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