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Hellloooo? Is this thing on?

It’s been forever and a day since my last outfit post. Thought I would shake things up again and go back to outfit basics.

Like really basic.

Um. Is anyone else sick of this cold weather? There’s been so much snow that this outfit looks like it. I love cozy sweaters, but I’m so ready for some cute skirts, dresses and open toe shoes!

Well, in the meantime. Cozy sweaters it is. Here’s minimalism at its finest, along with my fresh new haircut! Less is more! Sometimes I forget the beauty and timelessness of simplicity and basics. Lately I’ve been into earth tones and more black in my wardrobe, sometimes with a hint of sparkle or pattern. Mixing like-tones isn’t wrong, especially when they look cripsy (yes CRIPSY) fresh like whites, and off whites! You just can’t go wrong! Ever!

Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Rag & Bone
Boots: Rag & Bone
Earrings: Bauble Bar


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showtime: V-Day | #chanirangwedding‬

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.05.11 PM

I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Valentine’s Day any other way.  I was honoured to be a big part of Mabel’s bridal party by doing makeup for 8 beautiful women. Yup. All to my damn self. Jealous much?
I wish I had took more snaps of their final looks, complete with hair, but as with all weddings – they hectic doe!
I can’t get over how amazingly stunning the bride, Mabel looked all day.  Just beautiful.

Nonetheless, I had a blast celebrating what will be one of the most memorable V-Days ever with these gorgeous ladies, and of course – the lovely & amazing newlyweds, Mabel and Jeff.  These guys really do know how to party!  Congratulations you love birds. Finally!

Thank you for choosing me, Mabel! xo



Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema


Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

Photo by: Little Blue Lemon Photo and Cinema

See Mabel and Jeff’s beautiful wedding photos here!

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a few of my favourite thangs.

Hello beauties!

Many of you have been asking me what kind of beauty products I like to use on a daily basis, so I figured I make a post out of it and share with all of you!

I normally have very oily skin. I would do anything in the universe for matte skin all the time, meaning I would have to blot my face a dozen times just to keep the shine away! I guess I got my wish (sorta)! After vacationing in beautiful Panama, I returned to this bitter, Canadian cold and all of a sudden, my skin became extremely dry like never before!

I’ve been on the hunt for every kind of oil + shine fighting products for the longest time ever, trying to find a holy grail (that should be my next post!). This dry skin territory is foreign to me and I had to start from square one – although lucky for me I found my answer to dry skin quickly! Hallelujah (Larry Hoover)!

So since my vacation I changed my makeup routine immediately. I use to wear a layer of primer, a layer of oil fighting liquid foundation, full-coverage concealer and setting it with a full coverage powder and setting it AGAIN with a shine control spray.
I have no idea why I did this everyday. When I look back it’s very unnecessary and almost ridiculous to have all of that makeup on. For some reason, I felt that I needed it and it made me feel ‘comfortable’. I realize now that I probably jacked up my skin not letting it breathe enough. I’m trying to salvage with whatever I have left on my face, make peace and let go of some products that my face doesn’t need.

Wearing makeup on a hot vacation is just a joke. I tried to bring practical products meant for hot weather, and it didn’t do dick all.
I looked pretty silly adjusting my mascara every 10 mins. It was a pain in the ass, really.
So I didn’t wear any makeup on the rest of my vacay, and for me, that’s a big deal. I felt so free and I had so much fun rubbing my face and jumping in and out of the ocean whenever I pleased without messing anything up. I realized I didn’t need all that stuff to cover up….my face? No one should ever have to cover up their face. I realized this late, but I’m glad I did! I really didn’t need all of that stuff on my face, every single day.

So now, I just use a few products here and there – tweak when necessary (day vs. night). Currently, these are MY essentials!
It’s a mix of luxury and drugstore, and I’ll go through each of these and explain their benefits. Mind you, I have many other faves, but this is exactly what I’ve been using on a daily basis.


Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Balm Stain in 128 “Pinky Promise” – I swear to you I wear this colour EVERY DAY. I get dry, chapped lips throughout the day, and this saviour gives me moisture and the perfect amount of colour to keep me from looking tired or pale. At $3-$4 you just can’t go wrong!

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner THE holy grail of liquid eyeliner! I have smaller, Asian eyes, and I’m obsessed with making them pop out more and winging the crap out of them! I’ve tested many types of eye liner, but this one definitely takes the cake! It stays ON. It doesn’t smudge, crack or fade. Glides on beautifully and smooth, and comes in the blackest black colour  you can find with just one sweep! Also comes in other colours. A bit pricey at $26, but well worth it, I promise you. I don’t wear eyeliner as much as I used to, so this lasts much longer.

NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow It’s hard to not want all 88 colours of these super fun, super pigmented eyeshadows by NYX. I must admit, some colours are a hit or miss in terms of pigment. So swatch if testers are available! I use a fluffy brush and lightly sweep in my crease to create more depth and the illusion of larger eyes. That’s it! Nothing fancy.

Sun Beam by Benefit  I’ve been using this every now and then since I returned from Panana to hang onto my tan and to give me that extra summer glow in this horrible winter. I place just a couple of drops on top of my cheekbones for some fake ass vitamin D.

Watt’s Up! by Benefit Love love love this highlighter. It’s cream to powder finish makes it long lasting! I like to dab it on the inner corners of my eyes. Sometimes a little on top of the arch of my eyebrows, cheekbones and cupid’s bow. Gives the perfect amount of pop without over-doing it.

MAC Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm SPF 30  OK this product has been the ultimate GAME CHANGER for my dry skin and tan! It’s lightweight, medium coverage (on the sheer end of coverage). Never over-powering, contains SPF 30, ultimate, ultimate moisture for my extreme dry winter skin, and gives my skin the most beautiful glow. Because of the product’s sheer coverage, colour matching is easy. I currently use a medium dark. The only con is that I go through them like boxes of chocolate. Setting with powder is unnecessary (and very new to me!). If I want a more matte look, I just place some powder underneath my eyes and T-zone with my fingers. With winter being so harsh and dry to my skin, I’ve been skipping the powder setting. I love this product so much. It also comes in a tube form but this formula is meant for those with oily skin. I’ll try it when my skin turns oily in the warmer months.

They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit Yes. I am a sucker for Benefit cosmetics, they have some amazing products that REALLY work. Like this Godsend of a mascara. I use to think all mascara’s were the same. Covergirl LasBlast and Maybelline Falsies were my faves, until I discovered They’re Real! by Benefit. One coat of this on my eyelashes and miracles happen. They appear longer, the more you build, the more volume you create. It’s almost impossible to make a clumpy mess. The beautiful brush gives you ultimate precision and no mascara ending up on your eyelids. It doesn’t say waterproof, but damn it stays on and taking it off is not easy, might as well be secretly waterproof. It’s a pretty penny at $29, but again. Well worth it and gives me beautiful lashes everyday. No other mascara has been able to do the tricks that this one does!

Hoola by Benefit I swear I didn’t realize how much Benefit products I’ve been using. This perfect bronzer helps me contour and define my tan, but I don’t use it everyday. Excellent for evening makeup looks!

Rosebud Salve One of my girlfriends gave this to me, and I’ve been hooked ever since! I LOVE multipurpose products. You can use Rosebud Salve anywhere to relive dryness. It’s the ultimate lip balm, long lasting and has a tiny bit of colour. Totally beats Vaseline. Now I can’t live without it!

E.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit Eyebrows are in full effect these days! Although my absolute favourite brow product in the universe is  Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade, I try to cut corners on $ wherever I can.  E.l.f. Studio Eyebrow kit does exactly what I need it to do for $5. The kit is complete with a pomade, setting powder and brush! For someone like me to goes to the gym everyday re-doing my face, I need to make sure my eyebrows are mandatory on point at all times. I know you get it.

L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush I am most excited to tell you about this product! I never really got the hang of cream blushes. I always found that they would be super pigmented and dominate your skin. Crazy ass blending is needed to tone down the clown face. If I was in a hurry, it would just end up blending upwards towards my temples. Not cute.
This blush is perfect. All I want is a hint of colour and this gives you just that! It doesn’t take over my tan. It’s extra moisturizing for my dry skin, and does NOT over power in colour. It gives me an amazing amount of natural, pretty flush to my cheeks and is so easy to blend, especially when I need something quick! It’s so blend-able and build-able. I highly recommend this for anyone! I use it in ‘Soft Peach’.

And to top it all off, my remedy for winter dry skin at all times: Plain ol’ coconut oil! I’m in love with the coco!



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showtime | Mabel

mabel2-24mabel2-4mabel2-25 mabel2-17 mabel2-22 mabel2-23 mabel2-29

I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous girl (and she can’t get enough of me doing her makeup! Har har). Here this beauty is with a look I gave her for her wild engagement party a few months back. She wanted a night time look that was very dramatic and sexy. I gave her a fun smokey eye using the Urban Decay palette (#1), and kept her lips nude and simple so it wouldn’t take away from her sultry eyes. I used sparsed-out false lashes to get a better view of the depths of eyeshadow. Perfect balance!

I love this girl! She’s a lover of life with a huge heart and a killer smile to match! I can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s day with this soon to be stunner of a bride and her wedding party! I’ll make sure of that! ;)



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