Janet – Before and After

showtime: Before + After | Janet

Janet is one of those friends that you can pick up right where you left off, even if it’s been eons and eons since you last met. Life gets in the way, days turn into weeks,  weeks into months, and all of a sudden years have past and you wonder, “where the hell did the all the time go?”.
We’ve all experienced it with friendships, especially as we get older and busier, time seems to be against us more frequently.

She’s one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. In additional to her incredible loyalty, and honesty, she’s one of the few people I know I can depend, rely on and trust, no matter what. Not to mention, hilarious. I can’t stress enough how lucky I am to have Janet as a great friend, and I wish that more time was on our side.

Janet happily helped me build the More Beauté, the studio, and it was so much fun spending more time together. She always has me laughing until tears and sore .

Janet never wears makeup unless she has to.  She was quite nervous about the whole thing, and she was pleasantly surprised! I think you’ll agree that she’s a beauty, inside and out! She has such beautiful skin, I wanted to make it glow. She didn’t need (or want) a heavy application at all. Just a gentle touch of colour here and there to define her beautiful features.








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showtime: Before + After | Cindy + Bridesmaids



I’m excited to share with you all some before and after photos of Cindy and her gorgeous bridesmaids!
I had so much fun dolling up these beauties for Cindy’s special day, that I had no issues with the 2:30am wake up call that morning. Hahaha. You ladies are all amazing!

Congratulations Cindy! It was an absolute honour!
Man, I love weddings.

*Photos were taken on my iPhone 5 and no filters or Photoshop were applied.



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showtime: wedding trial with Nicole

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Happy Saturday beauties!

I met Nicole through a mutual friend and I just couldn’t get over how much of a beauty she is! Everytime I look at these photos, they look straight out of an Asian popstar mag! Nicole had beautiful, fresh skin. Super easy to work with.
Here’s how her wedding trial went and it was a success! She wanted simple beauty for her wedding with a touch of glam with added falsies and a teeny tiny smokey eye. I completely agreed that she didn’t need anymore than this!
Ladies, makeup and beauty is all about enhancing what you already have, and not covering it all up with loads and layers of products. Everyone is amazingly beautiful as they are!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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showtime: Babygirl Throwback

bbg-4 bbg-3 bbg-2

Hello beauties!

Today is Thursday and I want to throw it back to my Baby girl Jaizel who is always knocking on my door to paint her face, haha! 😉
I’ve been so very blessed that Jaizel has trusted me with her beautiful face since even before I became a certified MUA. Here’s one of the first looks I did with her when I first started out with makeup to glam her up for a wedding. I wanted to compliment her gorgeous nude dress by adding some violet drama to her eyes.

She’s soooooo flawless! What a natural beauty! Love you BBG!



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