showtime: Trisha


Meet one of the hottest moms I know.
Yup, you heard me. I said MOM. This total MILF and fitness queen is a hawt foxy mama to a beautiful little girl.
Trisha came to me in a bind. Obviously she models, (DUH) and needed some makeup help with a photoshoot to model some active wear. It was a last minute request, and she needed a look that was as natural as possible, as if she had nothing on. I used only nude palettes, giving her skin an overall warmth. Instead of using full strip lashes, I put on a couple of individual ones to make her eyes pop, without over-doing the natural look.
Whatever, she’s so hot and didn’t need anything on her face. Her smile alone does it for me!

My friendship with Trisha is one of the most unique! We met by fluke through a mutual friend. Spent most of our early teens spilling our guts to each other, and wasting as much time as possible over the phone, talking about all the bits and bobs of our lives. It was the best. Trisha even knew these special codes she made me dial to avoid long distance charges to our phone bill. Calling her was like, 20 digits longer than a regular phone number (and this was BEFORE we had to dial area codes!). Baahhahhaahaha.

Long story short -  we just lost touch like anyone else would…and found ourselves meeting each other again for the first time in over 20 years, through Instagram.
It almost felt like a damn blind date. We fell in friendship love all over again, and here we are, catching up on the past 20 years about everything in life. <3

See? Social media doesn’t always ruin lives. Trisha and I re-kindled the flame and we’re closer than ever! I love you Trish! Please teach me how to be hot! xoxo

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Nadine – collage

showtime: Nadine

nadine-8nadine-11Nadine - collagenadine-12nadine-18

I can’t even begin to tell you how ridiculously beautiful sweet, sweet Nadine is, the exotic princess!
Her skin is so clear and her features so defined that I didn’t have to do much!
Without makeup she’s flawless, and with it she’s just BA-BAAAAAMMMM! I couldn’t stop taking her photo, I mean….c’mon! How can you not get lost in her gorgeous face?!?!
Nadine prefers simple looks. Less is more people (Nadine knows what’s up!). This time, she wanted to add a bit more drama to her bridesmaid attire. I used the Naked 1 pallete (Half-Baked on lid, Smog on crease, Darkhorse on crease and eye-line) to bring out her amazing, friggen eyes. I added some false lashes to complete the look, and really, anything more would’ve been too much or over-done, it’s not necessary to add more. All I did was enhance her already exotic features…then yup – you be lookin’ at her like a deer in headlights……like me O_O

I had so much fun with Nadine’s face! What an absolute beauty!

Products used:
Makeup Forever HD Foundation
Kryolan concealer
Naked 1 pallette (Half Baked, Smog + Darkhorse)
Nars Blush in Orgasm
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour + Highlight – Java (contour) Fawn (highlight)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Dark Brown
False lashes from Pacific Mall
Lancome – Pink Horizon Juicy Tubes Smoothie (MY FAVE)
Lise Watier Makeup Fixative with White Tea


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showtime: Kay


Kay! This beautiful bride-to-be-in-a-month has the perfect combination of sexy AND cute! Whew! Kay and I go way back to the days of University. Let’s just say our friendship started off a little rough (haha), but eventually blossomed into a beautiful friendship. My partner in crime at adult swimming class (bahahahahhahahahahahah), standard driving lessons, and butter chicken dinners ’till we ripped our pants.

I think Kay was the first face I ever did makeup on other than myself a long time ago. (Sorry Kay), but I had no damn clue what the rass I was doing at the time, but let’s just say I’m confident that you’ve always had an unconditional trust in me since the very beginning. For that, I thank you and I’m honoured!
Here’s Kay’s look for her engagement shoot with her hubby-to-be, Paz. You make my job SO easy peasy, gurl!

I’m even more honoured and humbled to be a part of your special day with you and your girls, glamming you up, making ya’lll ma-arte and ting. It’s going to be so much fun, lover! xoxo

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Mother + Daughter | Tanya + Payton

payton-5payton-3payton-9 payton-11 payton-13

I had the ultimate privilege to help Payton turn into a princess for her graduation. I first met Payton when she was a bebe and now she’s a bold, brave and absolute beautiful teenager. It’s amazing how she has grown so quickly!
She wasn’t afraid for me to go aaaaaallll out on her makeup, and I had no problems doing so! She is just the perfect canvas to work on with the purest porcelain skin!  Literally just flawless, just like her beautiful Mother. My amazing friend, Tanya. It was a big day for the both of them. I can’t tell you how happy I was to be a part of it, doing both of their makeup.

You see, Tanya isn’t just my friend. She’s my real life Wonder Woman. When I was young, wreckless, confused and making poor decisions – Tanya was there. She would listen, and never judge. She understood and explained that life isn’t meant to be easy, that we weren’t built to be perfect, that we are supposed to make mistakes along the way, ensuring that we learn from them. On the flip-side, things can always work out if you try, that we should never take a millisecond of life for granted, and that we should always love one another. I felt comfortable enough to tell her everything, like a big sister. While being all kinds of comfort, she also taught me how to stand up for myself and to speak up. She emphasized the importance of being a confident and independent woman through example. She was everything; mother, sister, wife, aunt and friend. Amongst all things, Tanya was incredibly selfless. I believe that her friendship of over 10 years made a huge impact on the person that I am today. A true friend. I can’t even tell you the countless times she’s been there for me when I needed someone the most, even if I didn’t think I needed a friend. Angel like? I know so.

This is probably the most difficult post I’ve had to write here. Certainly incomparable to the difficulties Tanya endured with her battle with cancer. I don’t like to think she lost her battle, rather I think God just needed Wonder Woman up there to help Him with bigger battles.

Tanya, I wish I had seen you again, but sharing that day with both you and Payton and taking these beautiful pictures means more than you know. I love you. I’ll miss our relentless, immature jokes, and out-doing who was more gross. You’re the strongest woman I know and your spirit +  legacy will live on through all those that love you, especially me.

Rest in Peace, my Wonder Woman.




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