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I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous girl (and she can’t get enough of me doing her makeup! Har har). Here this beauty is with a look I gave her for her wild engagement party a few months back. She wanted a night time look that was very dramatic and sexy. I gave her a fun smokey eye using the Urban Decay palette (#1), and kept her lips nude and simple so it wouldn’t take away from her sultry eyes. I used sparsed-out false lashes to get a better view of the depths of eyeshadow. Perfect balance!

I love this girl! She’s a lover of life with a huge heart and a killer smile to match! I can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s day with this soon to be stunner of a bride and her wedding party! I’ll make sure of that! ;)



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new year. more beauté.

Happy 2015 everyone!

With the New Year kicking in, and my new home-studio all set, I thought it this would be the most appropriate 1st post of 2015!
I can’t wait to hear from and meet with you beauties!

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For inquiries, booking, rates or just to say hello, contact me here!



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showtime: HERVANA

Man. I had so much fun glamming up the rock hard badass bawse ladies of HERVANA – a Toronto based all-girl Nirvana cover band, who will blow your socks into the lake with their live performances. They’ve been killing it as usual across Ontario with their must-see shows!
We had a blast working on their promo photos.  I loved giving them each of these hawt gyals a different look to rep their individuality + uniqueness to the group! Such beauties, all of them!

Now you HAVE to check them out! No excuse! It’s the perfect time to plug you about their upcoming 1st Annual Blowout Bash this Saturday, December 13th at Hard Luck in Toronto. More details here.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and it’s different this time around from any other show! They’re doing a special 2nd set of Nirvana related songs. Also, there’s LOOT BAGS and PRIZES to give away. Who the feck doesn’t want that?!?!?! I LOVE LOOOOOOT AND PRIZES! I’m going specifically for the confetti throwing on its own.
They are fully going to wreck the stage, and you definitely don’t want to miss it! I won’t! I’ll be there front and center with bells on my…’ll have to come and see! :O

Now go and get some hair extensions so you can maximize your head-banging capabilities!

Photos by: Rannie Turingan



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showtime: Baby Mama Cj


About 7 weeks ago I was super privileged to do makeup for my dear friend CJ, whom I like to call family.
I couldn’t get over how beautiful and glowing CJ got each day of her pregnancy. I can only wish to look THAT good when I, uhhh….get a dog.

For her maternity shoot, I wanted to keep CJ’s natural glowing beauty as much as possible, without over-doing it, because let’s face it:  she’s a stunning natural beauty MILF. I softy contoured her face, more focusing on highlight areas to enhance the glow she already had. Easy on the eyes with a light wash of colour and very subtle false lashes to make her eyes pop, and a tiny bit of blush to compliment the glow. So beautiful, I can’t handle it. Are you seeing this photos??? Dayum!!!!!! That dress tho!

Time has flown and I’m happy to announce that CJ and her hubby Ray are new proud parents to Kalea! Congratulations fam! Auntie can’t wait to spoil her and do her makeup!


Photos by the amazing Vicky Starz

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